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To speak or not to speak

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That IS the question.  

Often times, I feel drawn to a particular conversation/message/post/blog and feel compelled to respond to what they have said or written.  These are the times when I really seek guidance from God – do you want me to speak or not.  If the answer is yes, I allow my fingers to flow/my mouth to open… if the answer is no, well then I stay quiet.

The next challenge is to listen to Him.  I must stay focused (my key word God continues to use with me).  I must stay within the boundaries established by Him.  When I don’t, I risk offending others…I risk communicating something that is incorrect, or is not meant to be addressed right now (or ever for that matter).

I am in the process of praying over two things right now, and I would appreciate your prayers for me as well.  I want to ensure that I understand the direction and implement those directions properly.  One is more personal in nature, but has a global impact.  The other has a global impact, but is more personal in nature.  Hopefully that makes sense.

Anyway, a chorus of prayers for me would be appreciated.

Your brother in Christ,



PS; I will share these two issues moving forward, but I need guidance right now.  Thank you for understanding.



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