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prayer11Quick thought for the day… Don’t sink into prayer like you always do.  What I mean by that is we shouldn’t do it by rote – just throwing up a prayer without thought.

To give you an example, I have on my calendar to pray for 1 person, at 1 o’clock, for 1 minute every day.  When the reminder comes up on my phone or computer, I generally stop what I am doing and say a quick prayer.  The problem I am finding is that there are too many times in my life when I don’t focus myself.  I don’t seek out God and His glory.  I lack focus and attention to what I am doing.  I even catch myself saying, “God you know what I am trying to say.  I am just stumbling along here.  Sorry.”

Seriously.  Is that right?  Um….NO!

Think about it….I am coming before God.  I am coming before the ALMIGHTY GOD.   I am praying to HIM.

Imagine what my prayer life would be like if I focused on praising and respecting God for His perfection – His holiness.  Imagine what my prayer life would be like if I pictured in my mind that God was actually standing in front of me, and this was my chance to talk directly to Him – would I stumble along, or would I have a huge smile on my face and just praise Him, and thank Him, and then bring my fears and needs to Him, my family and friends fears and needs.  Talk about a different experience.  Talk about an honor to be in His presence.

I heard Francis Chan say once that he read Revelation, chapter 4 and was awe struck by the image of God that John painted for us.  That is what I want with my prayer life.  An awe struck, humbling, emotional experience.

Time to brush up on my prayer life.  Care to join me?


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