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Prayer for a friend

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I am a firm believer that we, as believers, must be willing to pray for others.  Not just ourselves, but those around us.  Not just our immediate family, but our friends and neighbors.  The list can go on and on, but you get where I am heading.  Prayer is powerful.  Prayer is peace.  Prayer is humbling.  Prayer is healing.  Prayer is forgiveness.  Prayer is mercy.  Prayer is grace.

I know of a person who is grounded in his faith, but for whatever reason is struggling to pray.  Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he cannot focus his thoughts enough due to the issue he is dealing with in the previous post.  His head is hanging.  His heart is crushed.

The sermon this past weekend at our church helped him a bit – basically that when we pray for help, God places people in our life to do just that.  And he is looking for some help.  The lucky thing is he is turning to those closest to him – those who are Christian – his pastor, a close friend, his men’s group, a former colleague.  They are all lifting him up in prayer.  And he needs them to do that.  He needs those around him, and those extensions of his friends to pray for him.  He needs them to lift him up in prayer to a point that he can start to crawl out of their hole, and find comfort in God directly through prayer.  Until then God is comforting him through those around him.

So, with this said, please pray for my friend and his daughter.  Please lift them up in your daily prayers.  Do it in a way that God will hear a chorus signing for them.  If we do, they will start to heal….they will start of feel peace and forgiveness.  They will start to find direction in all of this.

Thank you,


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