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New Year’s Resolution – kinda/sorta

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lean into HimAnd there you have it… December 31st passed, January 1st arrived, and guess what… I am the same as I was on the 31st (well maybe a day older).  The one thing I like about the 1st, even if I don’t make resolutions, is that it allows me a moment in time to think about the previous year and what changes I need to make in the New Year.

For me, that is letting go of some of the emotional pain I carried through most of 2014.  I have to be honest, I struggled through 2014.  I struggled because there were times when I was leaning on me, and only me.  I struggled at times when I was following my lead instead of His lead.  I was struggling when I allowed my prioritizes to be the “end all” of all prioritizes.

So with that I have come to some conclusions.  2015 will have its challenges, but 2015 will also be a time of personal growth.  It will be a time of reconnections and building of relationships with family and friends, but more importantly with Jesus.  It will be a time of prayer.  It will be a time of forgiveness.  It will be a time of love and respect.  It will be a time where I focus less on me, and more on “you”.  It will be a time to live more Christ like.

I know… I know… that sounds like a New Year’s resolution of sorts.  Well, like I said I choose not to make a resolution because it is merely New Year’s, rather I do it because I need to re-center my life.  Therefore, I choose to recommit my life to Christ.  I choose to find my path again.  I choose to lean into Him more.  I choose to allow Him to carry me and to lead me whenever and where ever He chooses.  I choose to do these things because I have free will and because of God’s perfect love.

For a strong willed person like myself, this is not easy.  I know I will continue to stumble, but I also know I will have some fantastic, memorable days and weeks because of God.

Your brother in Christ,


PS: If you need a prayer lifted up for you, feel free to let me know.


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