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First off… I started this post to pass along this great read!

Check out this interesting read.  gotta love bono.

Second, who wants to join me with weekly small group discussion?

blogger small group

Also, coming up, my thoughts on 1 corinthians.  Alot has been popping up on that.  I was going one direction – thinking part of the issue was pride.  Now I am going another – that the church just didn’t get it on so many levels.  This all started with a pastor who said that Kansas City is alot like Corinth.  From there, I listened to his thoughts, and now I am knee deep in trying to understand his thoughts on the matter.  Even the following is not in final form, it is just a draft.  Ugh, I really do love dialog.

The sneak peak is as follows:

First his points:

pop. 500,000+ pop. 500,000+
Ten People Groups Ten People Groups
Ch 1—Disunity Racial Strife
     2—Philosophy Education
    3-5—Apathy to Carnality Indifference to Immorality
    6—Lawsuits Litigation
    7—Managing Marriage Divorce and Remarriage
    8-10—Limiting Liberty Relinquishing Rights
    11—Obeying Authority Radical Feminism
   12-14—Supernatural Gifts Charismania
   15—Faith in Resurrection Unity School of Hinduism
    16—Offerings Financial Scandal

Ok, know that I will probably agree with some of what you have listed above, but also see that there are some challenges for me as well.  The exciting thing is this is a wonderful theological exercise that stretches me and forces me to look into the bible a little more indepth and an open heart and mind.  For me, this will take some time to review and research.  But, again what a wonderful exercise, and I will say that I can appreciate some of the similarity to Corinth and the new church in Corinth to Kansas City.

With that said, I will take this a chapter or so at a time.

pop. 500,000+ pop. 500,000+
Ten People Groups Ten People Groups

First thought, I really don’t know how big Corinth was.  I do know that is was one of the largest cities in Greece and the Romans made it the capital around 50 years before Christ was born.  From there it grew significantly.  How many?  I have read anywhere from 250k-700k.  Also the population included a mixture of Romans, Greeks and Jews – None of which were overly excited about Christianity.

The Kansas City Metro area, on the other hand, has a population of 2.3 million, with a mix of White, Black or African American, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino.  KC proper is about 450-500k.  And around half say they are Christian. (http://www.thearda.com/rcms2010/r/m/28140/rcms2010_28140_metro_name_2010.asp)

Ch 1—Disunity Racial Strife


  • Chapter 1 — Disunity vs. Racial Strife
  • Basically as I understand it, Paul’s main goal was that the Corinthian church would be united in Christian love. As you noted above – disunity was a huge problem.  This was his primary goal.  But in saying that we also have to acknowledge that there were all sorts of controversies and divisions among them – thus the disunity. All of this was reported back to Paul.  His response was to write and address all of those issues.
  • With that said, and in regards to Ch1 – are you saying disunity is similar to the racial strife we see in KC? Weren’t the Corinthian believers divided into groups and holding up various leaders (Paul, Apollos, Cephas (aka Peter), and yes even Christ) as being superior to one another?  Basically wasn’t he trying to unit the church, not the city?  I get the loose connection of comparing one religious leader superior to another to Racial Strife, but the disunity was amongst the church.
  • As I understand it, Paul’s argument, at least in Chapter 1 and early chapter 2, is that they have misunderstood the very nature of the gospel. In the next three paragraphs he shows them
    • first, that the very idea of a crucified Messiah is foolish to those who do not believe (1:18-25), and to those who are using their earthly wisdom
    • second, that God chose them though they did not deserve it (1:26-31) – especially if a person based their importance on earthly things like human wisdom, influence, noble birth, etc. He did that so that no one can boast and say they did it on their own, rather it was because of Christ that we are now righteous, holy and redeemed.  and finally,
    • third, look how God used him, Paul, in his weakness (2:1-5). He wanted the Spirit’s power to be demonstrated, not Paul’s human words.  He wanted their faith to be based on the Spirit and on God’s power, not on a person’s human wisdom or persuasive conversation.
  • In the end, I just don’t understand the disunity presented by Paul, and the Racial Strife here in KC. The only connection I see is the fact that we need to show our Christian love and thereby overcome the disunity of then, and the strife of today.

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