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ImageJust touching base with everyone.  Sorry about the lack of content lately.  Life has been interesting.  New job, new challenges, new opportunities.  I am just heading through life right now, and the only thing I can clearly see is what is right in front of me.  The things in a distance are blurry, but at least I have something close to grab onto.

A lot of things are  changing around me – I have friends who are talking about health problems, financial problems, family problems.  I have two daughters who are growing up faster than I want (I still want to hold them close to me and wish they were 10 again).  I have a wife who continues to move through life and criticizes anything that has to do with religion, but is loving and compassionate in all other areas.  I have friend (half/calf – now no/caf) who might be starting out on a new exciting journey.  I am getting ready for a bike ride to raise money for cancer – in part because I am a cancer survivor, but more importantly, because I have lost to many family and friends to this awful disease.

I am looking for some clarity, so please pray for me in that area.  Also, please look at the list below and pray for them as well.

Alece R (divorce)

Scott W (life and divorce)

Linda D (divorce, and life)

Dad (cancer)

Cheri G (life, son’s health problems, and mom passing away)

Shanelle V (uncle passed away September 2011)

Jack H (continued struggles with his relationship with his wife, job and another baby)

Peggy F (her son has cancer)

A and T (relationship)

Susan E and her dad (dad has kidney cancer and she just adopted a little child from China)

Sheila C and her daughter (daughter’s health issues, and commute to and from Mayo)

Bob H (mom died this year (2011))

Eric W (for strength, and exceptional leadership)

Eric W’s extended family – specifically his wife and dad have health issues

Monica (life – give her clearness of mind to make the right decisions)

Carrie C  (figure out the next phase in her life)


Take care my friends.



Author: just-another-minute

Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

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