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About Me


I am just a guy trying to get through life, stumbling from time to time, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a little snippet of myself to you.  I blog to unload.  I blog to question.  I blog because I can.  I don’t agree with everything that everyone is saying, so these opinions and post are solely mine (and not endorsed by my employer – who may or may not know about this blog anyway.)  I jumped into the blogging world during a time when I needed an outlet – specifically when my dad had cancer.  Then again when I got cancer.  Then again when my mom died.  This outlet has allowed me to share a little bit about my faith, my life, my family, my work, and stupid/smart observations.  Going forward, my plan is to blog almost exclusively about my faith and matters that impact our salvation.

So that anyone who stops by my blog will know who my Lord and Savior is – I also decided to include my statement of faith.

Take care, your brother in Christ.



One thought on “About Me

  1. hey, saw you over on Ckroboth;s blog, and Michelle’s so thought I would come and say HI!

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