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Where am I heading

ImageJust touching base with everyone.  Sorry about the lack of content lately.  Life has been interesting.  New job, new challenges, new opportunities.  I am just heading through life right now, and the only thing I can clearly see is what is right in front of me.  The things in a distance are blurry, but at least I have something close to grab onto.

A lot of things are  changing around me – I have friends who are talking about health problems, financial problems, family problems.  I have two daughters who are growing up faster than I want (I still want to hold them close to me and wish they were 10 again).  I have a wife who continues to move through life and criticizes anything that has to do with religion, but is loving and compassionate in all other areas.  I have friend (half/calf – now no/caf) who might be starting out on a new exciting journey.  I am getting ready for a bike ride to raise money for cancer – in part because I am a cancer survivor, but more importantly, because I have lost to many family and friends to this awful disease.

I am looking for some clarity, so please pray for me in that area.  Also, please look at the list below and pray for them as well.

Alece R (divorce)

Scott W (life and divorce)

Linda D (divorce, and life)

Dad (cancer)

Cheri G (life, son’s health problems, and mom passing away)

Shanelle V (uncle passed away September 2011)

Jack H (continued struggles with his relationship with his wife, job and another baby)

Peggy F (her son has cancer)

A and T (relationship)

Susan E and her dad (dad has kidney cancer and she just adopted a little child from China)

Sheila C and her daughter (daughter’s health issues, and commute to and from Mayo)

Bob H (mom died this year (2011))

Eric W (for strength, and exceptional leadership)

Eric W’s extended family – specifically his wife and dad have health issues

Monica (life – give her clearness of mind to make the right decisions)

Carrie C  (figure out the next phase in her life)


Take care my friends.



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What is next???

wordsWhen I sat down this morning, I asked God to place words on my heart that He would like for me to explore further and write about. Over the course of a few minutes, the following words came to mind. I wrote the down (actually I typed them). Some words I currently have no clue why I wrote them down. Some words came more than once (thus the x2 or x3). While others came connected to another word or phrase (thus “plus” noted in the parenthesis…).

After I felt like the words were done (for now), I reorganized them as you see below with some loosely assigned headers. I did this to help me understand how all of this might fit together going forward. I have no intention of following the order you see below. Rather, I will allow God to lead me as to when I should write and what I should write about. I do believe that those topics/words I felt compelled to write more than once will be the focus of some of my near future post.

Faith tended to dominate my topic of words, so I have listed those words first. In addition, salvation, temptation, and focus were the first three words on my paper. Not sure if that really means anything or not.

With that said, following are my brainstorming words in no particular order:

What’s next?
Mission trips (Africa, KCK, KCMO, homeless, food kitchens, volunteering, traveling the world, home)
Sharing & Getting out of my comfort zone/box
Grace X2 (plus Salvation)
Prayer x3 (Prayer x3, plus Talking with god, Temptation)
Water x2
The cross
Visible and unseen signs of Christ
Match story
Holy Spirit and God Tingles (plus God things)
Bible Study
Accountability partners

Small groups (men’s groups)
The Big C church
The little c church
Length of sermons
Traditional vs. non-traditional services

Focus (multiple times)
Photo project

Living life with a non-Christian



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The initial result of my prayers


Based on my prayers from this morning, this piece that I wrote a while ago came back to mind.   I wrote to a friend of mine as it related to growing in our faith… just something to help move them along in life and the blessing offered by Christ.

The reason that I am putting this out there, as it relates to my previous post about someone doing you wrong – I had to look at myself first.  I had to look at what I was lacking that was preventing me from moving forward and away from the issue with my friend?  The result was that there are more than a few things – but first to mind is my prayer life needs to improve, and more importantly I need to get back into a men’s group.

Why a small men’s group?  Well, in my mind everyone needs three different people in their lives.  1) Someone who is more mature in their faith, 2) someone who is at roughly the same point in their faith, and 3) someone who is not as far along in their faith.  Men’s groups, if they are the structured right (at least for me) do that.

In other words, if all I have in my life are #1s and #3s, I will constantly struggle.  The #1s are always further along than I am in my faith, and there will be times when I will feel like I am failing in some way because I compare myself to him/her.  Sure they will be able to help me and mentor me.  That is part of their role in my life.  But if that is the only person I associate with, I will questions why can’t I be where they are. Why can’t I be right there in terms of my faith walk.  Keep in mind that is just not a fair comparison.  Everyone progresses at a different pace.  The world didn’t just go from being non-Christian to Christian overnight.

In fact, take a look at this website.  This site shows that even after we are Christians, there are a lot more steps to go.  It doesn’t end at the point of being born again.  You continue on. I continue on.  http://www.angelfire.com/bc/normanhousechurch/EngleScale.htm

I think about it like this – if I am playing a sport – there are going to be a lot of people who are better than me, a lot that are about the same as me, and a lot that are a little worse than me.  I have my coaches and star players (the #1s), my other team members at my level (the #2s), and then some who are not as good as me – the JV player (the #3s).

  • My coaches and star players are there to push me and challenge me.  They teach me and offer advice. They are there to mentor me.  They are better than me, and they are someone I look up to and aspire to learn more from.
  • My fellow players are the ones that I can go to and talk openly to without feeling like I am messing up all the time.  I can say, “Hey! How did you do that?”  “Did you get that?”  “What did he just say?”  “I just don’t get it.” And by talking opening with those fellow players you help each other out.  You walk through the problem together.  You start to realize that others are feeling the same way, or are struggling just like you.  Sure we turn to our coaches and star players for help, but there are times when we need to turn to this group as well.  We mentor each other.
  • With regard to those that are not as good as you – the JV player.  You are basically their #1.  You are their coach or star player.  You are now the one that they are looking up to and seeking advice from.  You are the one that they are trying to learn from.  You are the varsity player and they are the JV player.  You are basically mentoring them.

Lately I realized that I am missing some of these people in my life.  Prayers has brought that to the forefront.  I personally feel that I really need these individuals in my life.  Right now I am missing the #1s in my life, with only a few #2s that I feel comfortable with.  That was not the case a couple of years ago.  Maybe that is why I am floundering.  And, since I am floundering, I am not much use to those who are looking up to me for guidance.  Then you throw in the frustration factor and life has taken some very wild swings.

I hope all of this makes sense… I will probably reread this and say – “what was I thinking… “

Take care,


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Living Life….

I want to live life. Period. I want to live it with a smile. I want to live it with joy. I want to live it with anticipation. I want to live it with love and respect. I want to live it with hope. I want to live it with grace and forgiveness. I want to live it with understanding and patients. I want to live it with humor… with family… with friends…I want to care.

Like I said, I want to live life.

I want to breath.  I want to smell.  I want to see.  I want to be now… I want to be present… I want to be.

What about you?

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Prayer time

Just a quick request.   It just feels like the tide is turning against me, and I need the support of God.  I also need the support of your prayers.  The prayer request can be directed toward my understanding, and other’s understanding of a work situation.  All of this because of one person.

Thanks in advance for your support.