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New Year’s Resolution – kinda/sorta

lean into HimAnd there you have it… December 31st passed, January 1st arrived, and guess what… I am the same as I was on the 31st (well maybe a day older).  The one thing I like about the 1st, even if I don’t make resolutions, is that it allows me a moment in time to think about the previous year and what changes I need to make in the New Year.

For me, that is letting go of some of the emotional pain I carried through most of 2014.  I have to be honest, I struggled through 2014.  I struggled because there were times when I was leaning on me, and only me.  I struggled at times when I was following my lead instead of His lead.  I was struggling when I allowed my prioritizes to be the “end all” of all prioritizes.

So with that I have come to some conclusions.  2015 will have its challenges, but 2015 will also be a time of personal growth.  It will be a time of reconnections and building of relationships with family and friends, but more importantly with Jesus.  It will be a time of prayer.  It will be a time of forgiveness.  It will be a time of love and respect.  It will be a time where I focus less on me, and more on “you”.  It will be a time to live more Christ like.

I know… I know… that sounds like a New Year’s resolution of sorts.  Well, like I said I choose not to make a resolution because it is merely New Year’s, rather I do it because I need to re-center my life.  Therefore, I choose to recommit my life to Christ.  I choose to find my path again.  I choose to lean into Him more.  I choose to allow Him to carry me and to lead me whenever and where ever He chooses.  I choose to do these things because I have free will and because of God’s perfect love.

For a strong willed person like myself, this is not easy.  I know I will continue to stumble, but I also know I will have some fantastic, memorable days and weeks because of God.

Your brother in Christ,


PS: If you need a prayer lifted up for you, feel free to let me know.


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interesting comment I heard today

Your prayer life basically has three choices:  prayer11

Option 1 – You can ask for something that God won’t give you, or

Option 2 – You could lose heart and faith and stop believing, or

Option 3 – You can continue to pray and not lose hope that God will answer your prayers on His time and when you are ready for Him to answer them.

When we go into prayer, we must do it knowing that God may or may not answer our very specific prayers.  Rather He will do what is best for us. His timing is more important than ours.  His timing may mean that He will answer the prayer from today sometime today or maybe 10 years from now.  But, it is His time that is important, not ours.

There are times when I find it hard to know if what I am praying for is something He will not answer, or something that may have to wait.  There are times when I wonder if He answered my prayer and I missed the subtle answer that was personalized for me.

New Year’s is another time for me to be attentive to His voice.  I don’t want to be rushing through life and missing His sweet response.

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new years is around the corner

Another resolution… to live life like it matters.  I have not been doing that.  the pattern for me right now is that I am a little anger at the world for some reason, and I need to lean into Him to get over that.  So with that I stop and pray…  God, you know my pain, you know my heart.  They are not in sync.  I need some wisdom.  I need some clarity.  I need help.


getting ready for the new year

Just like all “traditions” we feel we need to prepare for the new year.  Plan out our resolution(s).  Decide on what we want to do, or not do.  Lose weight.  Get a new job.  Find a new boyfriend/girlfriend.  Get married.  Move on.  You get the point.

Rarely do we sit back and say, “How can I serve God better?”

Well, that is what I am doing right now.  I am trying to decide how best to serve God.  How best to be a better follower.  As I have said in the past, I have failed a lot.  I continue to fail.  I don’t always show the love I should.  I continue to beat myself up over this because I know where my trust should be.  I know how best to do this, but I am allowing past issues to hamper my progress.

Is a new years resolution the answer?  Most likely not.  We all know we fail at those.  Heck, I don’t think I have kept a new years resolution more than a few months.  No the answer is prayer, leaning in toward Him instead of away.

I will work on this now and into the future.  Why… well because my life depends on it.

What about you?

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The day after – choosing to live like Christ

Looking back over Christmas, the one thing that stood out is I never really took a moment (except during church) to really say thank you.  I know… I know… thanksgiving right…well, if you are Christian, you know that Christmas is the first thank you followed by easter.  But I will leave that for another post.

What I am doing… with this blog and my life… is I am going to try and live it in a way that God will say well done good and faithful servant.  Right now, I’m not sure He would say that.  I am not sure He would embrace me.

Yes, He loves me.

Yes, He forgives me.

But embrace me?

Things need to change, and so I choose to change to live more Christ like.  I choose to do it now, rather than some artificial day like new years.  I choose to start now, and with God’s help I will become a better man.  I will become a better servant.  In the past I use to say, I would do my best.  Now I choose to say with God’s help I will be my best.

Join me on this journey.  Let me know if you want me to pray for you and I will – faithfully.

take care,


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time to start again?

I really don’t know at the moment, but I continue to be pulled to two issues right now, and this is one of them.  Who knows, maybe this will help with the other issue.

Welcome, and I hope you will enjoy the ride along.  I am merely a man, stumbling a lot, failing a lot, praying for clarity, and putting my trust in Him. I don’t always succeed, but I do smile from time to time.

Lastly…Ted, if you are reading this, you are issue #2 – well more of a concern than an issue.

take care my friends,